Best Places for Scuba Diving in Central America

There are some absolutely awe-inspiring sights and experiences to be had in Central America,
but for avid scuba divers around the world, the attraction is more to the beauty that lies
beneath its waters. A little research and an adventurous spirit can yield a pivotal diving
experience for beginner and advanced divers alike. Don’t skip


5 Places You Can Practice Your French Abroad (other than France)

Wish you spoke better French? The good news is you don’t have to travel to France for
practice. A number of other countries let you converse with locals in Francais, and in some
places, you can even read and hear the language being used in everyday life. Most of
these lands were or are still


Cultural Highlights of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia’s two largest cities, have striking differences: Moscow is an
ancient city that faced political struggles and military battles and is now a bustling
metropolis lined with skyscrapers, while St. Petersburg was built a few hundred years ago
as a window to the Western world and is best known for its

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    Welcome to Jamaica

    When you think about Caribbean paradise, which island springs to mind? For many it is the reggae, reggae fun-filled vibe of Jamaica. With a party and a smile on every corner, stunning beaches, nature to take your breath away, and plentiful activities to enjoy, your Jamaica vacation will be packed and memorable for all the
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    Skyscrapers and Mickey Mouse – Welcome to Hong Kong!

    Hong Kong. What comes to your mind when you think about this iconic city? This is a city which is known for huge skyscrapers, bright lights, a frenetic atmosphere, and plenty of culture thrown in for good measure. If you’re thinking of venturing east, maybe it’s time you started planning your trip ahead of time
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    Your Holiday Tick-List

    Heading off on holiday is an exciting time, but it is also a time when you have so many things to remember (like replacing your E111 with an EHIC Card) so it’s quite easy to become stressed! Packing is hard enough, without having to remember the vitally important things, but forget one of these items
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    The Wonder of Jakarta

    When you picture the huge and bustling metropolis of Jakarta, what image first comes into your mind? Is it the culture? Is it the busy nature? Or, is it the street food? Maybe it’s the hot, humid weather, or maybe it’s the fact that the city never seems to sleep, but whatever image first enters
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    Best Places to Eat in Rome

    No trip to Italy’s ancient city is complete without an exploration of la cucina Roma. From amazing sandwich bars to fine dining restaurants that make your taste-buds sing “La Dolce Vita”, Rome offers a huge choice of venues where pasta, pizza & co are just a fraction of what has made Italian cuisine one of
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    Moving House?

    Your must-do checklist If you’re buying a house, you will no doubt be very up to date on all the jargon that comes along with it, and you’re probably stressed out of your mind too. Moving house is up there with the most stressful things you can do in your life, and even before you