How to Save for Travel

Traveling is an amazing experience; it can definitely change your life forever. A lot of people would love to travel as much as they could. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford traveling indefinitely. That said, it is possible to travel much even if you’re not a millionaire. You just need to reduce your spending and find

How to Find a Job Teaching English Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great experience. You get to travel anywhere in the world and find work easily. Aside from that, you also get the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in another culture. As long as you have a good grasp of the English language and enjoy working with people, you can enjoy a good

5 Places You Can Practice Your French Abroad (other than France)    

Wish you spoke better French? The good news is you don’t have to travel to France for practice. A number of other countries let you converse with locals in Francais, and in some places, you can even read and hear the language being used in everyday life. Most of these lands were or are still

Cultural Highlights of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia’s two largest cities, have striking differences: Moscow is an ancient city that faced political struggles and military battles and is now a bustling metropolis lined with skyscrapers, while St. Petersburg was built a few hundred years ago as a window to the Western world and is best known for its

What to See in the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums has one of the world’s most valuable and extensive art collections. Amassed or commissioned by popes over the years, the works here cover both the classics and the contemporary. Don’t want to miss out on world-famous attractions and iconic pieces as you go through its many different sections? Here’s a brief rundown

Europe’s Best Beach Breaks

Planning an easy surf holiday? Go for Europe’s great beach breaks. You don’t have to paddle far just to get started. You can ride one wave after another without having to worry about landing on a reef or rock. You can enjoy picturesque coastlines and you might even get to watch some of the world’s

Free Museums and Galleries in London

When you visit London, make sure to check out its museums and galleries. Unlike in other countries, you can visit most of the city’s major cultural treasure-troves without spending a single penny. Yes, even world-famous national museums in London are free of charge! The variety of the collections and exhibits might surprise you too, as

Amsterdam’s Best Museums and Galleries

When it comes to artwork, Amsterdam does not run short on masterpieces. As the Netherlands’ capital city, it has a wealth of museums and galleries featuring the works of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Mondrian, among many other famed and talented artists. While it is a haven for art lovers, Amsterdam is also home to