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Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelling Teens

Photo Credit: John.Karakatsanis via photopin cc

Photo Credit: John.Karakatsanis via photopin cc

With Christmas fast approaching, you should be turning your attention to gift ideas for those near and dear to you. Some people are easy to buy for, some not so much, but if you have a teenager in your life who is forever upping sticks and disappearing to different parts of the world, a travel teen if you will, then what do you buy them?

Of course it has to be portable, and it should also serve a purpose, but it’s also a gift, so you don’t want it to be too functional and no fun!

If you’re struggling with what to buy your male or female travel teen, then here are five ideas you might like to consider this Christmas.

iPad or tablet

This is an obvious one but it’s also probably the most useful piece of kit you can get anyone on the go. Having said that, even someone staying in one place would love an iPad or tablet! Great for keeping in touch on the go, with a Wi-Fi connection of course, a tablet doubles up as an e-book, internet source, a way to learn languages, a way to read about the places they’re visiting, and some even have cameras. Multi-purpose, and endless fun! You can get good priced tablets these days, and even certain iPads, such as the Mini, aren’t as expensive as they once were.

Digital camcorder

Keeping on a technological angle, capturing the sights and sounds they see along the way is truly precious, and this is something that still cameras alone generally can’t do. Tesco do some great value models of digital camcorder, so simply have a look at what you can find. These have really come down in price over the last few years, and are much smaller than they ever used to be, so perfect for those on the go.

Funky luggage

This is a functional idea but if you make it bright and colorful, then it will be a gift they enjoy receiving as well as serving a purpose! Lightweight suitcases these days are a godsend, allowing us to take more of our belongings with us on our travels. You can buy lightweight cabin cases too, so this helps with the endless types of technology teens tend to cart around with them these days!

A comfortable hoodie

An odd one you might think, but bear with me! Planes, trains, and automobiles are either freezing cold or boiling hot, never any middle ground, and I know from experience than when it’s freezing cold you’re not going to be comfortable. Buy a fashionable, funky, but comfortable hoodie and you’ll be thanked forever, as well as giving them something to remember you by whilst they’re off on their adventures.

A boxed filled with travel toiletries and cosmetics

Without wanting to be stereotypical, teens aren’t really known for their organisational skills when it comes to the practical things they need to take away with them! Find a nice gift box and fill it with travel sized treats, such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wipes, antibacterial gel, toothpaste, and a few home-remembering treats too. This is quirky, and shows real thought, which is what Christmas gifts are all about.

Happy shopping!

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