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Five United Arab Emirate Universities for International Study

Five United Arab Emirate Universities for International Study

If you’re considering study abroad to obtain educational qualifications then the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a wealth of highly ranked colleges. This country is undergoing a rapid economic growth especially in fields such as technology, tourism, finance and oil and gas, meaning that students are in a prime employment location after graduating.

Here are just five of the many first class learning institutes in the UAE that welcome international students.

American University of Sharjah

The AUS is an independent non-profit institute located in the emirate of Sharjah, the third largest in the UAE. Recognised as one of the leading comprehensive universities in the Gulf, the AUS is based on the higher education system of American learning institutes. Undergraduate degrees are diverse and include art and design courses, sciences, mathematics, industrial engineering and business management, to name just a few. More than 5,000 students per year from around the world choose to study at the AUS.

Higher Colleges of Technology

The HCT is regarded as the largest higher educational institute in the UAE and is home to almost 20,000 students across 17 campuses. Based in Abu Dhabi, this is the highest ranking university in the UAE. Students from around the world arrive here to study technology, engineering, business, education and health sciences. The Sharjah HCT is especially well equipped with state of the art laboratories, a planetarium and an Olympic-sized sports facility.

United Arabs Emirate University


The UAEA is the oldest government sponsored higher educational institute in the UAE and is located in Al Ain, the second largest city of Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1976 this research intensive institute is home to around 14,000 UAE and international students, and has been ranked as the 370th best university in the world. Undergraduate programmes include business and economics, engineering, social sciences, law, medical sciences and information technology. Students who attend this university are within easy travelling distance of the capital city as well as Dubai.

University of Dubai

Dubai is arguably the most popular city in the UAE and is home to many universities including the University of Dubai. This institute focuses on providing high quality education through affordable tuition fees and smaller class sizes. Programmes at the UOD include business admin, information technology and general education. International applications are welcomed at this university and students will be living in one of the most world’s most cosmopolitan and affordable cities.

American University of Ras Al Khaimah

This independent higher educational establishment provides an American-model learning system with a wide range of courses. International students are welcomed here and programmes include mass communications, biotechnology, business admin, accounting, marketing, computer sciences and engineering.

There’s sure to be a university offering a programme you wish to study across the seven emirates. Beautiful locations, year round sunshine and modern facilities make this a country well-worth considering as an international learning destination – now you just need to decide on which one.

Images by A Vahanvati and College Degrees 360, used under the Creative Commons license.

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