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Interesting Hotels Across Europe

Photo Credit: ell brown via photopin cc

Photo Credit: ell brown via photopin cc

One of the true beauties of Europe is its diversity and this stretches to its hotels too. Pack a suitcase, secure yourself with an cheap holiday insurance and venture off to explore one of the many interesting hotels found across the continent!

1. Airplane Suite – Teuge, Netherlands
In the heart of the Netherlands lies an old plane converted into a luxury suite for the comfort of couples with a bit of cash to splash! The aircraft once flew politicians and was later adopted by commercial airlines, visiting destinations such as Cuba, China, Vietnam and Russia. Nowadays, it’s become a destination in itself, complete with jacuzzi, sauna, shower, mini bar, flat screen televisions, entertainment and kitchen facilities on board.

2. La Balade des Gnomes – Durbury, Belgium
La Balade des Gnomse boasts ten extraordinarily-decorated bedrooms inspired by fairytales from all four corners of the world. The star suite is that of the Trojan Horse, a stunning replica of the mythical gift offered by the Greeks at the battle of Troy. This hotel is truly ethereal, defying all norms and using incredible imagination to achieve something quite magical.

3. Ice Hotel – JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden
Since its creation in the early 1990’s, the original Ice Hotel has inspired many others across the globe. However, with over 65 rooms and suites, the Ice Hotel in Sweden remains the most impressive and authentic of its kind. Rebuilt each winter from thousands of tons of snow and ice, it’s an incredible project to maintain but the outstanding result is every bit worth the effort.

4. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite – Sala, Sweden
Also in Sweden, the Sala Silvermine offers a rather different experience. Set 155 metres below ground, this converted mine is a sensational treasure chest containing winding galleries, vast caverns and magical lakes. Professional guides will explain the industrial history of the silver production which once occurred in this damp, dark but beautiful setting.

5. The Old Railway Station – Chichester, England
In the Great British countryside, you’ll find an old, vintage Pullman train with carriages converted to beautiful bedroom suites to reflect the bygone era of luxury train travel. Whilst some features have simply been restored, others have been greatly improved, such as fully equipped, en-suite bathrooms for the comfort of guests.

With so many extraordinary options available, travelling Europe can be even more mysterious and exciting than you may first have imagined. Do your research before you travel and you’ll be sure to find something quite amazing!

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