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Moving House?

Photo Credit: Moving On via photopin (license)

Photo Credit: Moving On via photopin (license)

Your must-do checklist

If you’re buying a house, you will no doubt be very up to date on all the jargon that comes along with it, and you’re probably stressed out of your mind too. Moving house is up there with the most stressful things you can do in your life, and even before you get to find a house, you’re swimming in a world of viewings, estate agents, and property prices, to the point where you wonder why you’re doing it.

Well, when the stress hits the ceiling, remember this, it will be worth it in the end! You just need to get through the hard stuff first, and the best way through that is to be organised.

Of course, every person’s circumstances are different, but on the whole there are several things you should always remember to do when you finally find your dream home, and you’re ready to set the moving ball in motion. Consider this your checklist.

Tell your current landlord and give notice – Your notice period may vary, but overall its usually a month. You will need to arrange a time to do the final check before you move out, in order to get your bond or deposit back; this is usually the day you hand in your keys.

Cover your insurance needs – Call your home insurance company and inform them of your moving date, your new address, and make sure your cover begins on the day you move house.

Gas/Water/Electric/Internet/TV companies etc – Just like with your insurance company call your gas/electric/water companies and tell them the same information, e.g. when you’re moving and where to. You will need to ask for a final bill and pay this up to avoid falling into arrears or owing money without realising it. The same goes for your TV company, such as Sky for example, and you will need to arrange a date for them to come and install in your new home, as well as your Internet provider.

Inform doctors and dentists – Same again, give your doctors and your dentist a call and tell them you’re moving, keeping them up to date. If you’re moving out of the catchment area then you will need to register with a new doctor and tell your old ones. The same goes for dentists too.

Arrange a removal company – It’s a good idea to phone around and see who you can find as the cheapest before deciding. This is where you do an internet search, or grab the Yellow Pages if you’re old school! Once you’ve decided, finalise and book.

Discuss with your bank – Give your bank a call and let them know of your change of address and dates. If you need to make any changes to Direct Debits, e.g. with gas, electric, or water etc, then do this at the same time to avoid forgetting.

Redirect your post – Pop into the Post Office and arrange for your post to be redirected from your moving date. There is a fee for this.

Start packing – I find that doing this slowly is the best way, to avoid a last minute rush. Maybe start with rooms that you don’t use so much, and gradually work your way around. This also gives you time to accumulate those all-important empty cardboard boxes!

Collect your keys – Give your Estate Agent a call and arrange to collect your keys to your brand-spanking new home. This is the exciting bit with no stress!

And finally … move!

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