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Shop ‘til you Drop!

Retail therapy, window shopping, spending the pennies, whatever you call it, when you go away on holiday you will no doubt want to purchase a few souvenirs to take home for loved ones, and to remember your time away by. Do you head to a large shopping mall, enjoying the mainstream shopping experience? Or do you head to the markets and try your hand at haggling? Whatever you do, if you can manage to save money before you go away, you will have a bit more free to splurge when you head off on your holiday shopping trip, but how can do that?

Well, aside from trying to find the cheapest possible flights and accommodation, obviously still suiting your needs, then you can save money with add-ons to your travel plans. For instance, you have to get to the airport somehow, unless you live within walking distance, which for most of us just isn’t the case! I always drive myself to the airport and park up, using Airparks to book my parking spot, no matter where I’m flying from. Look at it this way, if there are four of you traveling, and you decide to go by train or coach, then you have to pay four times, right? On top of that, you have the stress of travelling on public transport, however when you drive yourself, you pay just once, and you can go at your own speed, stopping whenever you feel the need. It’s simply a more stress-free and cheaper approach. Like I mentioned, you can find this service at most large UK airports, with parking at Gatwick offered for great rates. Saving money doesn’t have to be on the big things, the small things can keep cash in your pocket too!

You can obviously save money here and there on other things too, like booking an all-inclusive break, so you don’t have to budget for food and drink, or eating in if you go self-catering. However you choose to do it, the cash you keep in your pocket should be used to enjoy your time away – you’ve worked hard for it, why shouldn’t you enjoy it!

Shopping obviously begins before you’ve even left the country with duty free most people’s Achilles heel! My advice is to not splurge too much at this point, because a lot of the time, you’re not buying because you need or want, you’re buying because it’s cheap, however if you weren’t needing or planning to buy in the first place, then it’s a false economy! Save your money for your time away instead.

I always try to head to the local markets when I’m in resort, because I always find the more unusual souvenirs here, and whilst haggling might seem scary or even odd at first, once you’re into it, it’s actually quite good fun, and you will more often than not come away with some serious bargains! Try it, simply go with the flow and be a little cheeky!

The only thing to remember? Don’t over-pack your suitcase with purchases for the journey home, having to pay a small fortune out on excess luggage really will defy the point of saving money, and no souvenir is worth that!

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