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Skyscrapers and Mickey Mouse – Welcome to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong. What comes to your mind when you think about this iconic city?

This is a city which is known for huge skyscrapers, bright lights, a frenetic atmosphere, and plenty of culture thrown in for good measure. If you’re thinking of venturing east, maybe it’s time you started planning your trip ahead of time – getting it all right before you get there is important, to ensure a smooth time away.

Hong Kong is large and sprawling, but Hong Kong Island is where most of the tourists head to. This is where those large skyscrapers are to be found, however The Peak is a must visit. From the top you will have some of the most amazing panoramic views over the island, and there is also a restaurant at the top, so you can have a romantic meal, or perhaps just a drink or two.

Of course, if you’re visiting with family, or perhaps you’re just young at heart, there is a branch of Disneyland here too! Whilst not as big as the one in Orlando, this is a great day out and a break from the fast pace of the city.

You also need to give plentiful thought to how you’re going to get around. You have a few options in terms of how to get from the airport to your hotel in the city itself, but you could really make your trip a little more special, by hiring a limo to transport you to your hotel. Think about it this way – your flight is probably going to be long-haul, do you really want to be looking for taxis when you arrive? No! Book a limo and be picked up in style, ready to start your trip in the right way.

The great thing about Hong Kong is that it is such an eclectic mixture of old and new, nature and city life, and culture and international style. There are countless huge malls in the city, all air conditioned thankfully, but there are also many street markets, where you can haggle for your souvenirs, and find some unusual gifts to take back home. You probably aren’t aware that there is a lot of nature in and around the city too, and you only have to venture a short distance out of the metropolis to be on a short walking trail, or to visit the outlying islands which can be accessed by ferry or boat trip.

For something a little different, Hong Kong has it all.

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